Product Name: Phyto-Care 40mg Capsule

60 Capsules/bottle


29.58g(493mg/capsule * 60 capsules)


Product description:

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Phyto-Care 40mg capsule has been verified by the market for 13 years and the quality is guaranteed. This product uses soybean isoflavones as the main raw materials. It has been proved to increase bone density by animal test. All raw materials are extracted from non-genetically modified soybeans which are safe and healthy. Each capsule contains 55mg of soy isoflavones, take 110mg of soy isoflavones (2 capsules) per day can maintain the stability of soy isoflavones in the body and bone health. It avoids taking excessive estrogen which may cause discomfort. Active ingredients: daidzin+daidzein, dye hibiscus+genistein, two groups of the same soy isoflavones glycosides and aglycon forms appear in pairs which made the absorption effect 1+1>2.

Ingredients:Soy isoflavones and Starch

Content: Per 100g: Soybean Meal 2.2g, Dye Hibiscus 0.32g, Soybean 8.1g and Genistein 0.58g.

Uses: Increase bone density

Specification:29.58g(493mg/capsule * 60 capsules)

Suggested use:Take 1 capsule in the morning and 1 capsule in the afternoon.

Country of origin:U.S.A