Product Name: Macphersan®Shark Bone Powder Complex Dietary Supplements

60 tablets


48 month

Product description: Macphersan®Shark Bone Powder Complex Dietary Supplements

Product details

Macphersan®Shark Bone Powder Complex Dietary Supplements, a new generation of glucosamine complex. It can help to build cartilage in humans. It includes such natural ingredients as crab shell concentrate powder, shark bone powder, etc. It includes some natural extracts such as oyster concentrate powder, bromelain and corn concentrate powder. It is widely used to supply the ammonia sugar and repair the articular cartilage in your body. Moreover, it does not limit its absorption into the body as amino monosaccharide does.

After upgrading, the Shell of shrimp& Crab concentrated powder has increased from 800mg to 1000mg for Shark Bone Powder Complex Dietary Supplement. Not only can treat arthritis and osteoarthritis which are caused by aging, but also supply fully nutrition for your joints. Take 1 tablet daily, it can help to support your health of bone and joint!