Product Name: Macphersan®Probiotic Capsules

60 Capsules

60g(1g*60 Capsules)

36 month

Product description: Macphersan®Probiotic Capsules

Product details

Illness finds its way in by the mouth.

Gastrointestinal tract and mucosal system are the first line of defense for immunity.

Having a healthy and functional intestinal tract is the first step to a healthy body!

A human’s intestinal tract requires a large number of probiotics to sustain and assist to reach a balance between human body and flora. When the product was manufactured, 20 billion strains of probiotics were added to each capsules, so the strain content is high. Combined with bromelain, 12 main probiotics existing in a human body can better help improve gut microbiota. Thus, the immune system can be reinforced and the intestinal tract can stay healthy.