Product Name: Macphersan® Probiotic Complex Tablets

60 Tablets/bottle


48g(0.8g×60 Tablets)

48 months

Product description: Macphersan® Probiotic Complex Tablets 1. Product Information Product Name:Macphersan® Probiotic Complex Tablets Product Size:60 Tablets/bottle Packing:Single Bottles Dosage Form:Tablet Net Weight:48g(0.8g×60 Tablets) Quality Guarantee Period:36 months Origin:the United States Usage:One day 1 tablet, with meals. Ingredients(per sizing):Compound probiotics (lactobacillus

Product details

11 Types of Effective Bacteria, 40 Billion CFU, 12 Digestive Enzymes, Coating Technology for Probiotics

The new upgraded version of Macphersan®Probiotic Complex Tablets,  uses the classic formula developed by Our company  gastrointestinal experts. It uses the world-leading triple-layer coating technology for probiotics to preserve the activity of bacteria. The CFU has been upgraded from 35 billion to 40 billion, with up to 11 active probiotics that meet the needs of the human gastrointestinal environment, and contain prebiotics and 12 digestive enzymes. One tablet daily, help reduce symptoms of digestive disorders.