Product Name: Macphersan®Oyster & Mushroom Complex Dietary Supplement

200 softgels

36 month

220 g (1.1 g *200 softgels )

Product description:

Product details

Macphersan® Oyster & Mushroom Complex Dietary Supplement contains 750 mg of calcium carbonate and 5 ug of vitamin D3 each tablet. In terms of the content of effective ingredients, the product does not pursue a "high" content but highlight the selection and manufacturing process of ingredients.

While supplementing calcium, it can also boost calcium absorption and achieve "high" body utilization.

Natural oysters are especially selected, and high-quality calcium carbonate is extracted from them, for the absorption rate is as high as 39%. Thus, the performance of this kind of calcium is more excellent than that of other similar calcium, and this high-quality calcium is more suitable for humans’ health in the long run.