Product Name: Macphersan® Fish Oil Softgels

Net weight: 138g

Country of origin: USA

Health effect: Adjust blood fat

36 months

Product description: Macphersan® Fish Oil Softgels

Product details

This is a high concentration, high volume fish oil.The raw material has been finely selected from the wild anchovy in Peru sea area (certified by the ocean alliance organization), the fish bodies are all freshly caught up and quickly processed.

The high-content of fish oil extracted are DHA and EPH which have been extracted via the six-particle distilling-concentrated process and the continuous cold filtering crystallized separation system.  All the hazardous substance such as heavy metal and pesticide were all eliminated though this processing.  The quality of the fish oil raw material has met the SIGMA standard to the advanced world-class level.Each tablet contains EPA 180mg and DHA 120mg, which is the richest content of fish oil

this product has  the healthy function to regulate blood lipid which can prevent from Atherosclerosis and protect the cardio-cerebral blood vessels.