Product Name: MacPhersan® Lutein Ester & Blaubeeren





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MacPhersan Lutein Ester & Blaubeeren (Lutein Ester Blueberry) is a German imported product. Using the classic formula of the international market, the team of German Kismet experts and nutritionists strictly demonstrated this high-quality lutein product based on the clinical trial data.

The product uses around twenty kinds of anti-oxidant and eye care ingredients, including lutein ester and blueberry extract, citrus extract (bioflavonoids), β-carotene, OPC, red wine extract, zinc citrate (extracted from oyster powder), ascorbic acid (extracted from cherry powder), silybum marianum extract, green tea extract and turmeric extract. All the raw materials are perfectly balanced with eye nutrients so that our eyes can form a full range of high-quality environment, which is beneficial to the full absorption and utilization of various nutrients, and is more conducive to the recovery of vision.


Ingredients:Citrus powder, Gelatin, Xylitol, Blueberry, Cherry Powder, Oyster Powder, Orange Powder, Glycerin, Wheat Germ Oil, Silymarin Seed Oil, Red Grape Powder, Water, Green Tea Powder, Soybean, Carrot, Lutein Ester, Oatmeal, Cashew, Curcumin

Product Specification750mg×60 Softgels

Country of OriginGermany