Product Name: Macphersan®Avocado &Yeast Complex Tablets

60 tablets


48 month

Product description: Macphersan®Avocado &Yeast Complex Tablets

Product details

As people grow older, the content of NAD+ would gradually reduce. This product is served as the most direct and effective supplement for additional NAD+, and the content of additional NMN would also increasingly required.

Macphersan®Avocado &Yeast Complex Tablets uses up to 98% high purity of NMN, with an average of 153 mg added to each tablet which contains 150 mg of pure NMN. Each bottle contains up to 9000 mg of pure NMN, allowing for effective relief from hypomnesia caused by aging, high work stress, decrease in the immune system, poor sleeping quality, and early menopause. It can help slow down aging better, increase skin elasticity and leave you with a young face!