Product Name: MacPhersan Natto Complex Tablets

60 Tablets/bottle



48 months

Product description:

Product details

MacPhersan Natto Complex Tablets has chosen the raw material from the Natto which is the symbol of Japanese supplement for longevity.  To employ the Japanese patented bio-technology, the nattokinase was being extracted with higher content from original 3000FU to 6000FU on each tablet.

The all-new upgraded Natto tablet contains 6000 FU nattokinase each tablet, this is the highest content of Nattokinase among the Natto-related products across the market. Taking 1 tablet receives the double efficacy.

This formula with golden scientific composition including Mulberry leaf, Ginkgo, Red yeast rice and grape seeds, all ingredients work together to achieve the best efficacy in promoting the cardio-cerebral healthy condition.

Each tablet contains Natto 6000 FU

Ingredients: Natto powder, Xylitol, Red yeast rice, Mulberry leaf, Corn starch, Red grape powder and Earthworn protein 10mg

Product specification: 750mg per tablet, 60 tablets per bottle

Suggested use: For adults, once a day, 1 tablet each, taken during or after meals

Country of origin: USA