Product Name: Macphersan®Multivitamins

60 tablets

36 month

66g ( 1.1g*60 tablets )

Product description:

Product details

Macphersan®Multivitamins tablets are comprised of ingredients derived from natural sources. Pure natural extracts from plants are selected, such as French melon, tomato, bitter gourd, spinach, blue algae, green tea, beetroot, etc. High-quality ingredients enjoy greater activeness and effect, more easily absorbed and consumed by humans.

Macphersan®Multivitamins tablets are a comprehensive nutrient rarely seen on the market. In addition to comprehensive vitamins and minerals, it also contains effective factors, including natural herbal fruit and vegetable extracts, comprehensive digestive enzymes, and high-quality probiotics. The perfect formula provide the body with more all-round and balanced nutrition.