Product Name: Macphersan®Haematococcus Pluvialis


39g(0.65g×60 Softgels)

36 months

Product description: Macphersan® Astaxanthin Softgels(15mg) 1. Product Information Product Name:Macphersan® Astaxanthin Softgel Product Size:60 Softgels/bottle Packing:Single Bottles Dosage Form:Softgel Net Weight:39g(0.65g×60 Softgels) Quality Guarantee Period:36 months Origin:the United States Usage:One day 1 or 2 softgels, with meals.

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Product Description

1Natural plant formula, safe and healthy.

The selection of Hawaii natural astaxanthin, from pollution-free Haematococcus pluvialis, is more safe and effective. Other formulations derived from a variety of pure natural plant sources, most of which are similar in food and drug, is also safe and non stimulating.

2Strong activity makes easier absorption.

In use of the latest technology to break the cell wall of haematoccus pluvialis which results in the maximum release of astaxanthin, makes a free state of astaxanthin easier to absorb. For other components, the advanced processes of ultra low temperature extraction and CO2 supercritical extraction extract the most effective activity.

(3)High content of astaxanthin

Each softgel contains 15mg astaxanthin, as much as 2 kilos of first-class salmon contains, makes it easier to take and more effective.

4Two pronged approach, doubling the effect

This product repairs cells damaged by free radicals and prevents healthy cells and DNA from excessive free radicals, which creates a safe and healthy environment for cells. 

5Complex formula for more comprehensive protection.

Unique formula of various antioxidants, together with astaxanthin, natural Vitamin E, OPC-7, Omega -3, catechin, Vitamin C and other more ingredients, prevents the brain, heart and whole body cells from the damage of the free radicals.