A soybean food made by fermenting cooked soybeans with bacillus subtilis. Studies have shown that the health benefits of natto including nattokinase, isoflavones, saponin, vitamin K2, etc. It can improve constipation, regulate blood lipids, prevent colorectal cancer, reduce cholesterol, protect blood vessels, prevent hypertension and arteriosclerosis, remove carcinogens in the body, improve memory, promote liver health, Keep beauty, delay aging, support healthy bacterial balance, prevent dysentery,  prevent enteritis, prevent constipation as well as help metabolize alcohol.


Prevention and treatment of thrombotic diseases: Natto contains a large amount of nattokinase that can dissolve thrombus. It is a fibrinolytic enzyme that can directly decompose thrombus. From 1 g of wet natto corresponded to about 1,600 IU of urokinas.  Nattokinase is orally administered.  Its fibrinolytic activity in plasma lasts from 8-12 hours, while urokinase lasts 30 minutes only. You can also add natto to your diet to obtain a sufficient amount of nattokinase, which plays an important role in regulating capillaries.